Completions for dual casing

Working temperature 300°F
Maximum working pressure 10,000 psi
Standard sizes 7’’ x 4.5”
7” x 5.5”
9 5/8” x 7”

The technology uses a special design to optimize the well construction time, including wells with multistage hydraulic fracturing (MSF) completions.

Advantages and features of the technology:

  • Reduces well construction time by 25-30%
  • Running and setting additional production casing is not required
  • Various types of MSF techniques available: drop ball, burst discs, full ID valves
  • Various types of Flow Control techniques available: Sand Screens with Flow Valves, Autonomous Devices, Hydraulic and Electric Flow Valves
  • Stage cementing techniques with or without the need for drill out
  • Ability to pass electric/optical cables behind the casing and liner