Formation isolation valve

Formation isolation valve
Max OD in:
5.90 / 8.00
Liner size in:
7.000 / 9.625


The Formation lsolation Valve is used to isolate the inner diameter of tubing from above and below. The tool has multiple use, mainly for prevention of formation damage and well control during well completion and workovers. It has ball type valve with seals qualified for gas with up to 10,000 psi differential pressure from above and below. Formation lsolation Valve is operated remotely (by pressure cycles) for first open and mechanically for any required number of open/close operations. It is designed for multi-stage fracturing operations through the ID of the tool.

  • The Valve has trip saver section for ball opening by pressure without the need of intervention.
  • Designed and tested by gas as mechanical downhole barrier for mid- and long-term isolation.
  • The tool is opened or closed with а mechanical shifting tools. Two types of Shifting Tools are available for various needs.
  • The tool can be operated in heavy drilling fluids up to 2.0SG, brines, oil and gas at temperatures up to 300 °F.
  • The tool is pressure-tested at the manufacturer site. Additional pressure test before use is not required.


Liner size, in 7.000 9.625
OD, in 5.90 8.00
ID when ball opened, in 2.99 4.55
Length, ft 16.1
Мах working temperature, °F 300
Ball Diff Pressure, psi 10,000 7,500
Collapse pressure, psi 10,000 7,500
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