Selective full-ID multistage completions

Working temperature 300°F
Maximum working pressure 10,000 psi
Standard sizes 4.5”
5 3/4”
6 5/8”

Mechanical Packer with Shifting Keys

Used for opening/closing of frac sleeve, sealing the annulus and further fracturing through the upper annulus liner – tubing.

Full ID Frac Valve with mechanical sleeve

Designed for MSF operations and operated by shifting keys. The circulation port is opened/closed via shifting key assembly.

Advantages and features of the technology:

  • Performing fracturing in staggered order
  • Guaranteed opening of all ports
  • Fullbore ID of liner
  • More than 20 fracturing zones
  • Maximize reservoir exposure
  • Increased start rates
  • Possibility of re-fracturing