TSS Group recognizes the priority of ensuring the life and health of employees, considers occupational health, industrial and fire safety, road traffic safety as necessary elements of effective management of production activities and understands its responsibility for ensuring accident-free industrial processes and safe working conditions for employees.

In an effort to prevent on-the-job injuries, TSS Group continuously improves approaches to occupational health, industrial and fire safety, road traffic safety management. This is achieved through continuous analysis of the production process in order to prevent incidents.

The main mandatory safety principles in the Company are:

1. LEADERSHIP – of managers at all levels in providing personal, demonstrative leadership and actively engaging in continuous advancement of the corporate culture, striving to create the most effective and safe work practices. Compliance and support of all elements of safety management system from the Company`s managers is a priority;

2. INVOLVEMENT – of employees at all levels in reducing industrial risks and improving management system for occupational health, industrial and fire safety, road traffic safety;

3. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY – of each employee of the Company for complying with the requirements to minimize industrial risks that can harm the health and life of workers;

4. COMMITMENT - direction in the Company’s business to prioritize the issues of ensuring healthy and safe working conditions and reducing financial damage from incidents and accidents at the Company's facilities. Striving to achieve a safety level at the Company's facilities at which the risk of accidents, incidents and emergencies is minimal and complies with industrial safety requirements and international standards. Compliance with the requirements of the current legislation, standards, rules and regulations of the Russian Federation on industrial and occupational safety;



In accordance with the requirements of the current legislation, the Company has implemented the following key measures:

1. An occupational health, industrial and fire safety management system has been implemented.

2. A special assessment of working conditions was carried out at all workplaces. As a result, no workplaces with hazardous working conditions were identified.

3. Employees are fully provided with special clothing, footwear and other personal protective equipment.

4. The Company carries out multi-stage administrative and production control of compliance with the requirements for occupational health, industrial and fire safety, road traffic safety.

5. Training and testing of knowledge of requirements for occupational health, industrial and fire safety, road traffic safety is organized for the Company's employees.

6. Medical examinations are arranged for employees who work in harmful working conditions.


Our environmental management system includes approaches and processes aimed at protecting the environment and reducing emissions and wasteful use of resources.

Sustainable use of resources is a key element of our management system. We strive to reduce waste and increase the share of recyclable materials.

We monitor the dynamics of raw materials and finished products to ensure the maximum sustainable use and plan logistics between Group companies and service divisions in order to eliminate unsustainable use and unnecessary movements and minimize downtime thus increasing the sustainability of our operations.

The nature of our operations causes minimal damage to the Earth's water. We strive to minimize damage to the planet from our operations by careful calculation and planning of operations to minimize unnecessary works that may damage the environment. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and those of our customers.

Sustainability for TSS Group means engaging with customers, employees, stakeholders and communities with environmental, social and ethical responsibility.