Tie-back packer


Тie-back Packer is designed to isolate the leakages in the liner top packer and annular fluid migration. The packer provides reliable fluid separation and prevents annular fluid migration. The packer allows to perform hydraulic fracturing with the UGRH stinger.

  • Vertical, directional and horizontal wells.

  • The tool is run in hole as а part of the tie-back packer assembly.
  • The packer is activated mechanically by slacking-off the weight through the polished bore receptacle.
  • The activation pressure can be adjusted by installing the required number of shear screws.
  • Run in hole and activation of the packer is carried out with the special running tool.
  • Reliable pressure-tight isolation of the annular space.
  • Hold-down slips prevent the upward movement of the packer.
  • Locking mechanism prevents the backward movement of the packer after activation.


  • Тie-Back Packer.

The packer is used as an assembly with the PBR and MSA Seal Assembly. PBR and MSA Seal Assembly are not included in the supply package and should be purchased separately.


Casing/liner OD, in 4.500
Previous casing OD, in 7.000
Мах OD, in 5.984
Drift diameter (after actuation), d, in 3.898
Packer length, ft 6.5
Мах differential pressure, psi 10,000
Burst, psi 10,000
Collapse, psi 10,000
Мах working temperature, °F 248
Tensile, kip 224
Compression, kip 94
Material Р-110
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