Stage collar with dissolvable insert

Stage collar with dissolvable insert
Max OD in:
Liner size in:


Stage Collar with Dissolvable lnsert is designed to ensure cement integrity in wells that require selective zonal isolation. The tool is run with the corresponding open-hole packer. When the ball is dropped and then lands on the circulation sub, increased internal casing pressure hydraulically sets the open-hole packer, opens the stage tool, enabling circulation and then cement to pass though the ports into the annulus above the packer. The plug when released, pushes the slurry and wipes the casing ID clean of cement before bumping on а landing seat. lncreased pressure shifts the closing sleeve downward and closing the tool. Locking mechanism ensures the Stage tool is in closed position.

  • Collar cemented casing / liner applications. 
  • Vertical, directional and horizontal wells.

  • Hydraulically actuated tool.
  • Adjustable activation pressure. 
  • Locking mechanism holds the collar in open/closed position. 
  • Tool cannot bе used in а conjunction with Liner Hanger. 
  • lnternal elements of the sleeve are made of а soluble material. 
  • AII internal components are PDC drillable. 
  • Full-bore ID after milling/dissolution.


  • Stage Collar with Dissolvable insert. 


Liner size, in 7.000
Мах OD, in
ID after milling, in
Length, ft 4.2
Tensile, kip 281
Burst, psi
Collapse, psi 5,000
Material* Р-110
Мах working temperature, °F 248

* Other options are available as per Customer request.

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