One-size ball frac valves Revolver

Working temperature 300°F
Maximum working pressure 10,000 psi
Standard sizes 4.5”

MSF Frac Valve Revolver

Used in wells to perform MSF with equally sized dissolvable balls. Each ball passes through the valve with pressure indication. Desired ball lands at specific Frac Valve and shifts the sleeve open.

Shifting tool

Used for opening and closing the sleeve for subsequent re-fracturing or flow management. Available with regular and high expansion configurations.

Advantages and features of the technology:

  • Full ID frac valves that are operated with one-size dissolvable balls
  • Cemented or open hole applications with maximum reliability and accident free operation
  • Unique rotation stage-counting mechanism to ensure predictable indicative performance
  • Ability to open several frac valves at once for a specific zone for massive fracturing applications