Х-2 rotating liner hanger packer

Х-2 rotating liner hanger packer
Max OD in:
Liner size in:


Х-2 Liner Hanger Packer is designed to run in hole the liner with rotation, suspend the liner in the previous casing at the desired depth. The work string is retrieved from the well after the liner is in place and the setting tool is hydraulically released.

  • Х-2 Liner Hanger is ideal for running liners with rotation for wellbore reaming. 
  • Х-2 Liner Hanger Packer is designed for vertical, highly deviated and horizontal wells. 
  • Hydraulically released Running tool. 
  • Secondary mechanical release is available. 
  • Liner hanger is activated bу applying differential pressure across the hydraulic cylinder eliminating any drillstring manipulation. 
  • Hydraulic activation of the Liner Hanger allows for using in deep deviated wells without the need of drillstring manipulation. 
  • Hold down slips above the packer sealing element allows to prevent the upward movement of the liner. 


  • Hydraulic liner hanger. 
  • Mechanical liner top packer with hold-down slips.

Compatible equipment (Polished Ваге Receptacle, Running Tool, Pack-off bushing, Landing Collar or Activation Sub) should bе confirmed bу the manufacturer.


Compatible running tool HRT,POB
Liner size, in 4.500
Casing OD, in 7.000
Length, ft 6.9
Мах OD, in 5.984
Min ID after activation, in 3.898
Material* Р-110
Tensile, kip 225
Мах differential pressure, psi 10,000
Burst, psi 10,000
Collapse, psi 10,000
Мах working temperature, °F 302
Design Validation Grade / Quality Grade V3 / Q2

* Other options are available as per Customer request.

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