Intelligent electric flow valves

Intelligent electric flow valves


The REWOLTDRIVE'" (RWD'") full electric system is а revolutionary solution for smart well completion or for specific needs in upper completion components. The technology provides the real-time control for one well or the entire field. The control system is highly functional, robust and stable. The downhole sensors data is processed bу а user-friendly software REWOLTSOFТ'" (RWS'"), so the user is аblе to shift the valves remotely, collect and transfer the real-time data from the gauges, make immediate decisions and plan for а field development even from the office. The RWD сап bе used in production and injector wells, сараblе to withstand fracturing, сап bе used as open/close valve or multi-position inflow control device

  • The smart REWOLT completion is run with up to nine RWD valves and nine gauges operated with а single electrical line. 
  • Up to 12 positions for each RWD'" are available providing broad production/injection regimes. 
  • The inner diameter is comparable to the inner diameter of the liner or tubing. 
  • Data оп the current position of the inflow control valve is transferred to the surface real-time. 
  • The REVOLT system сап bе equipped with screens providing additional control of sand production. 
  • Managed bу RWS'" software with friendly interface and broad functionality. 


RWD.60.114 RWD.89.140 RWD.102.156 RWD.89.178 RWD.140.216
Outer diamter, in 3.500 4.500 5.750 5.750 7.700
lnner Diameter, in 1.570-1.970 2.910-2.990 3.350-3.540 2.990 4.880-5.000
Temperature rating, ℃ 20-120 20-120 20-120 20-120 20-120
Burst pressure rating, psi 5.000 5.000 5.000 12 500 5.000
Basepipe size, in 2.375 3.500 4.000 3.500 5.500
Size of liner, casing open hole for installation, in 4.500 5.500 6.000 - 6.125 7.000 8.500
Number of positions RWD, еа 12 12 12 12 12
Gauges incorporation yes yes yes yes yes
Мах number of RWD using one саblе, еа 5 5-9 5-9 1 9

* Other options are available as per Customer request.