Hrt rotating running tool

Hrt rotating running tool


HRT Running Tool is designed to run in hole X-series Liner Hanger Packer with rotation, suspend the liner in the previous casing and set the liner top packer.

  • HRT Running Tool is designed for run in hole liners with rotation.
  • HRT Running Tool is ideal for vertical, highly deviated and horizontal wells. 
  • Hydraulically released Running tool. 
  • Secondary mechanical release is available. 
  • Liner Тор Debris barrier prevents debris from entering the PBR and protects the Running Tool during run in hole and cementing operations. 
  • An axial thrust bearing allows rotation during slacking-off weight to set the packer and provides the ability to transfer additional setting force to the liner top packer, which is especially useful in highly deviated, ERD and horizontal wells. 


  • Liner Тор Debris barrier.
  • Packer activator. 
  • Hydraulic release running tool.
Compatible equipment should bе confirmed bу the manufacturer.


Max OD,in 5.984
Min Running Tool lD, in 2.323
Min lift sub ID, in 2.402
Lift Sub length (after stab-in with the liner hanger), ft 4
Lift Sub OD, in 3.500
Lift sub coupling OD, in 5.000
Length, ft 17.8
Maximum working temperature, °F 302
Burst, psi 12,500
Tensile, kip 157
Material* Р-110

* Other options are available as per Customer request.

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