Multistage completions with burst disc frac valves

Working temperature 300°F
Maximum working pressure 10,000 psi
Standard sizes 4”
5 3/4”
6 5/8”
9 5/8”

Cup-type selective packer for selective MSF

The selective hydraulic fracturing packer is designed for hydraulic fracturing in cased horizontal wells, allowing for multiple use without additional POOH and RIH operations.

Burst frac port

Designed for use in cemented/uncemented applications. The port opens by the creation of absolute pressure in the interval where the device is installed.

Advantages and features of the technology:

  • Guaranteed opening of all frac-ports
  • Fullbore ID liner
  • More than 20 fracturing zones
  • Maximize reservoir exposure
  • Increased start rates
  • Possibility of re-fracturing and acid treatment