Permanent quartz gauges


The Permanent Quartz Gauges is а downhole pressure and temperature measurement sensors designed for permanent installation. То achieve very high measurement stability and long life, the sensor incorporates hermetically sealed quartz resonator crystals, TSS electronics and mechanical sealing technology. Pressure and temperature are measured using very precise, staЫe quartz crystal resonators. The measurements are directly digitized downhole, avoiding analog саЫе signals, and then sent digitally up the саЫе to maintain high precision and noise immunity.

This eliminates the drift, noise sensitivity and additional cost inherent in gauges that send analog signals to the surface to bе filtered and digitized. Each gauge automatically sends its serial number and quality status with every measurement, ensuring quality results. The sensor is hermetically sealed (welded), eliminating the need for elastomeric O-ring primary seals. The саЫе head and pressure connections use only metal-to-metal seals. Every seal can bе pressure tested during installation. Up to nine sensors may bе connected to the same саЫе, electrically in parallel. lf one tool sensor or circuit fails, the other continue to operate. Alternatively, tubing and annulus pressures can bе measured, as required. The sensor is tested under shock and vibration conditions


Pressure Range1 (psia I bar ) 0 to 10,000
0 to 690
0 to 10,000
0 to 690
AvailaЫe Calibration Temperature Ranges ( °С)
25-150 25-150
Accuracy (% FS) 25-150 °С
0.02 0.02 
Typical Accuracy (% FS) 25-150 °С 0.012 0.015 
Resolution (psi * sec) less than 0.006 less than 0.008 
Frequency Output Range (kHz) 10 to 70 10 to 80 
Response Time
less than 1 sec less than 1 sec
Acceleration Sensitivity (psi / g - any axis)
less than 0.02 less than
Drift at max pressure and temp. (% FS / year)  0.02 0.02 

Temperature Range (  °С / °F) 25-150
Accuracy ( °С)
Typical Accuracy (°С)
AchievaЫe ResolutionЗ ( °С / sec) less than 0.005
Average Sensitivity (Hz / °С) 180
Frequency Output Range (kHz) 10 to 100
Drift at 177 °С ( °С / year)
less than 0.1
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