Max OD in:
4.528 / 5.236 / 5.551 / 7.638 / 7.638 / 7.913 / 7.913 / 8.583 / 10.630 / 10.866 / 13.819 / 14.528

BULAT Reaming Shoe provides reaming during RIH without the need to rotate the liner or casing. BULAT is installed at the bottom of the casing/liner string to ream through unstable wellbore zones and guide the completion assembly to the target depth. Reaming shoe is а product of positive displacement motor evolution: the power section consists of а mud-motor-like power section, transforming pressure created bу mud pumps into planetary motion of the rotor, then transferred via drive shaft to а shoe head. Rotational speed varies from steady powerful 5-10 rpm to about 120 rpm. Vibrations created bу the power section planetary motion is insignificant compared to а full-size mud motor (it is much shorter and made of much lighter materials), but will also contribute to release of the drill string being stuck.

  • Vertical, directional and horizontal wells.
Bulat drillable reaming shoe